Institute for Social and Environmental Transition – Nepal (ISET-N)

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Curt Carnemark - World Bank
Kathmandu, Nepal
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Environment & Natural Resources
Food & Agriculture
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Ajaya Dixit
Executive Director
ISET-Nepal, based within a nation in transition and an environment of emerging complexities, is engaging in global collaborative partnerships strengthened by its research capabilities. During the next five years, these will support research that transcends geographic and disciplinary boundaries, ranging from grounded community-based processes and science to technological policy, climate change adaptation, governance, and food security.

The Institute for Social and Environmental Transition – Nepal (ISET-N) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that studies and analyzes the developmental consequences of social and environmental change. Its research areas include climate change, water resources, migration and urbanization.

ISET-N envisions a society capable of addressing the emerging social and environmental challenges through local institutions that have the capacity to respond to rapidly changing circumstances with innovative approaches and sustainable solutions. It aims to improve the understanding of these issues and to elevate the level of dialogue about them by generating and disseminating new knowledge on wide ranging issues that affect both natural resources and general well-being of society.

ISET-N’s primary goal is to conduct academic studies, research and interactions on subjects related to environment and social development and to increase the capacity of Nepalese youth in study, research and other academic activities through education, training, academic exchange and cooperation, and public debate at the local, regional and national level.


Research Areas: 
climate change adaptation
food security
disaster risk reduction
rethinking development
water management issues