BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD, formerly IGS)

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Thomas Sennett - World Bank
Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Sultan Hafeez Rahman
Executive Director
BIGD’s research is aimed at supporting its academic and training programmes. It does not limit knowledge creation to being an end in itself but rather to advance the pursuit of a freer and just society. Hence, it also plays an advocacy role to give voice to contemporary governance, political and economic issues.

The BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) is a centre of research and academic excellence based at BRAC University in Bangladesh. BIGD was formed through the merger of the Institute of Governance Studies (IGS) and BRAC Development Institute in 2013.

The merger of the two institutes was done to create a regional centre of research on governance and development issues, and to provide a space for academics and practitioners to come together to raise critical questions on development. The unified institute aims to provide lessons on good practices, to advocate for pro-poor policies, and to undertake robust research initiatives in the interrelated areas of governance and development.

In addition to offering a number of prestigious post-graduate academic courses, BIGD is devoted to research on the entire range of governance concerns as they relate to development, and to development issues centred mainly on Bangladesh. BIGD is a resource centre for promoting research and creating knowledge in areas of governance, economic growth, political economy, urbanisation, gender issues, sustainable development, and regional studies. For BIGD, the concept of governance is best defined as the sum total of the institutions and processes by which society orders and conducts its collective or common affairs.


Research Areas: 
Economic growth
Governance and Politics
Urban Studies
Gender Studies
Regional Studies