Fundación para el Avance de las Reformas y las Oportunidades (Grupo FARO)

Quito, Ecuador
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Environment & Natural Resources
Information & Communication
Social Policy
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Orazio Bellettini
Executive Director
Through our research on economic, social, and environmental policies, we seek to build the knowledge society in Ecuador and Latin America. We promote societies that look to the future and that are collaborative and action-oriented. In the end, we understand that influencing public policy is only a means to promote social change and build a more democratic, sustainable, equitable, and prosperous society.

Fundación para el Avance de las Reformas y las Oportunidades (Grupo Faro) is a non-partisan, independent public policy institution that supports active participation from civil society, the business sector, and public institutions in order to ensure democracy, efficiency, and equality in public policies. Grupo Faro’s research agenda covers five areas: environment and society, public governance, equality and social opportunity, information society, and growth and competitiveness.

Grupo Faro grew out of a context of political instability in which it was difficult to promote long-term public policy. It has developed the institutional flexibility to adapt to unstable institutions and to promote a space for informed dialogue in a country fragmented politically and ideologically.

The organization observes three major issues in Ecuador: high political, social, economic and geographic fragmentation that has made it difficult to reach consensus; a prioritization of private interests over common good; and little public reflection on the impact of policy decisions. It is founded firmly in the belief that lasting changes occur when various groups come together to define a social problem and to assume shared responsibility for solving it.

Grupo Faro focuses its efforts on strengthening the public sphere, a space where government, civil society and the private sector can discuss common challenges, generate innovative solutions and take collective action. Its vision is to be recognized globally as a center that promotes evidence-based, sustainable public policies in Ecuador and the Latin American region. Its mission is to influence public policies to build a more democratic, innovative, sustainable and inclusive through research, informed dialogue and collective action.

Research Areas: 
equal social opportunities
information society
governance of the public sphere
environment and society
growth and competitiveness
translating evidence into policies