Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo (GRADE)

Lima, Peru
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Environment & Natural Resources
Food & Agriculture
Social Policy
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Miguel Jaramillo
Executive Director
We have developed strategic planning processes and renewed the quality of our research. We now enjoy more visibility, have more influence in policy circles, and are planning for long-term sustainability.

Grupo de Análisis Para El Desarrollo (GRADE) is a private, non-profit research centre. Its prime mission is to conduct research that stimulates public debate, and to contribute to the design and implementation of public policies. GRADE’s original research focus was economics, but it has expanded into other areas such as education, employment and labour markets, and poverty and equity.

GRADE aims is to develop applied research to stimulate and enrich the debate, design and implementation of public policy. Since its founding, GRADE has been dedicated to undertaking economic, educational, environmental and social studies in areas relevant to the development of Peru and other Latin American countries. The institution aims to disseminate the results of its work to policy makers and the general public.

In order to meet its strategic objectives, GRADE's researchers carry out academically rigorous research with a high level of objectivity in order to ensure that conclusions drawn on the nature and causes of economic and social processes are supported by solid empirical evidence.

Through its research work, GRADE provides critical and independent analysis that contributes to a better understanding of current affairs in Peru and Latin America. As a result, it has been able to enrich debate and improve the design and implementation of a broad range of public policy.

Research Areas: 
rural development, natural resources, and environment
poverty and equity
evaluation of policies, programs, and social and development programs
labour markets and human capital
health and human development
institutions and state reform