Fundación Dr. Guillermo Manuel Ungo (FUNDAUNGO)

San Salvador, El Salvador
Date Established: 
Social Policy
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Ricardo Córdova
Executive Director
FUNDAUNGO will be a sustainable and independent research centre providing quality and timely studies and proposals for the formulation and debate processes of public policies in El Salvador.

Fundación Dr Guillermo Manuel Ungo (FUNDAUNGO) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. FUNDAUNGO’s mission is to contribute to El Salvador’s democratic development in order to improve the quality of life of the population. Its research agenda is organized around three programs: democratic governance, territorial management and citizenship, and public policy studies.

FUNDAUNGO’s democratic governance program contributes to knowledge on political processes and the national and regional impacts of democratic governance, with interventions on the electoral system, security, and participation, transparency and political culture. Its territorial management and citizenship program helps to improve the relationship between the state and citizens in areas that include policy, legal and institutional administration of the state in the territory, government and administration of public institutions in the territory, disaster risk management, and citizen participation and inclusion. Its Public policy studies program contributes to knowledge and reflection on public policies that have an impact on socioeconomic conditions and sustainable development of the country, in subjects that include the social protection system, labor market, demographic changes, development financing, and education.

FUNDAUNGO works at both the national and local level. In addition to undertaking studies and academic research, and publishing the findings, it also provides training, technical assistance and advice in the field of public policy and generates opportunities for reflection and advocacy on national issues.

Research Areas: 
Social Protection System - Pension System
Demographic Changes and their impact in Public Policy - Aging
Municipalities Finance
Municipal Government - Planning, Risk Management
Politics Parties and Electoral Reforms - Regulation
Political Culture
Violence and Crime