Foro Social de Deuda Externa y Desarrollo de Honduras (FOSDEH)

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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Mauricio Díaz Burdett
Executive Director
FOSDEH strives to improve institutional research capacity, action, and communication. Our goal: contribute evidence-based macroeconomic research to help advance just, equitable development in Honduras.

Foro Social de Deuda Externa y Desarrollo de Honduras (FOSDEH) is a non-profit organization that seeks to contribute to the design of public policies that are based on social justice, equality, respect of human rights, and democracy. FOSDEH’s research topics include unemployment and labour markets, remittances, political reform, and transparency issues.

FOSDEH was initially established as a civil society effort to address the issue of external debt and its impact on Honduras.  Following the devastating impact of Hurricane Mitch in October 1998, FOSDEH also played a role in building a citizen platform that promoted the adoption of a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy and a moratorium on the repayment of external debt.

In the years since Hurricane Mitch, FOSDEH has worked intensely to reduce poverty and social and ecological vulnerability, and to improve governance through decentralization and increased transparency. Today, FOSDEH is well regarded for its technical ability and sound policy proposals. It is currently implementing projects in advocacy, research and analysis, working directly with hundreds of grassroots organizations and maintaining an active national and international voice.

Research Areas: 
International Monetary Fund
crisis plan
budget 2012
currency band (monetary policy)
international cooperation
budget implementation (meetings with the President of the Republic)
fiscal policy