Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC)

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Scott Wallace - World Bank
Kampala, Uganda
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Environment & Natural Resources
Social Policy
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Sarah Ssewanyana
Executive Director
Over the next five years, EPRC aims to capitalize on its national expertise to scale up its research activities and policy influence within the East African Community (EAC) region to foster sustainable growth and development.

The Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) is an autonomous, not-for-profit organization that provides research-based evidence to support the formulation of government policies and programs, undertakes capacity building activities in Uganda, and carries out policy engagement based on its research findings.

EPRC was established in 1993 to contribute to Uganda’s policy processes through national economic research, policy analysis, and capacity building. In this context, it was created to provide analytical backstopping for policy dialogue, formulation, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

EPRC has undertaken extensive research on public expenditure for agriculture and rural development. The Centre’s current research focuses on poverty, growth, employment, governance and accountability, service delivery, social protection, trade, regional integration and multilateral arrangements, and impact evaluation of government policies and programs.

EPRC is active in Uganda’s policy processes; it is a member of the National Planning Authority and participates in working groups on agriculture, health, water and sanitation, and trade. The Centre was a major contributor to the country’s main development framework, the Poverty Eradication Action Plan, and the Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture. EPRC is currently involved in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of these plans.

Research Areas: 
growth & employment
institutional efficiency & service delivery
socio-economic governance & accountability
social protection
trade & regional integration
sectoral issues, especially agriculture