Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI)

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Arne Hoel - World Bank
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Environment & Natural Resources
Food & Agriculture
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Newai Gebre-ab
Executive Director
Currently, we have 12 PhDs on the ground and 6 are pursuing doctoral training abroad. We now have a decent size and mix of senior and young researchers allowing us to effectively respond to and provide research on policy reforms and implementation of development plans to government. Our PhD candidates are specializing in diverse fields of study so as to provide leverage for EDRI to expand the scope and the quality of its research. They may also teach and advise postgraduate studies.

The Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) is a semi-autonomous government development research institute. Its primary mission is to conduct research on the development of the Ethiopian economy and to disseminate the results.

 EDRI’s research program focuses on poverty, agriculture, rural development, industrial development and macroeconomic analysis and modeling. The scope of the institute’s research may expand in the future to include trade and regional integration, policy program monitoring and evaluation, and taxation.

 EDRI maintains strong links with policymaker. It is often called on by government for consultation, preparing policy briefs as needed. Notably, the institutes conducted research on land tenure that informed land rights policy in the country. EDRI has played a significant role in advising government on price inflation management and on the establishment and operation of the country’s commodity exchange.


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urban issues
public finance
green growth