Centre for Policy Research (CPR)

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Curt Carnemark - World Bank
Delhi, India
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Environment & Natural Resources
Social Policy
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Pratap Mehta
Executive Director
The Centre for Policy Research is a dynamic think tank providing thought leadership and policy solutions in a rapidly changing India.

The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) is an independent, non-partisan research institute dedicated to improving policy-making and management, and to promoting national development. CPR’s research covers a number of areas, including law, regulation and policy, accountability and governance, urbanization, security, and foreign policy.

CPR’s objectives are to develop substantive policy options on matters relevant to the Indian polity, economy and society; to provide advisory services to governments, public bodies and other institutions; and to disseminate information on policy issues through various channels. The governing board of CPR consists of various public figures from Indian government, academia, and industry.

CPR’s focus on public policy is forward looking. It concentrates on issues whose trajectories are set to raise significant challenges for India in the coming years. Prominent among these are issues of India’s relations with the world, the nature and impact of social and economic development, and questions pertaining to the relationship between the state and citizens in the context of India’s evolving democracy.

Research Areas: 
international relations
law and regulation in India
economic policy analysis
climate change
delivery of social services