Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA)

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Ray Witlin - World Bank
Delhi, India
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Food & Agriculture
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Subrat Das
Executive Director
In the next five years, CBGA aims to inform government policies in India on budget and social sector interventions for the poor.

The Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA) is an independent organization that works to improve the reliability of public policies in India. Its primary mission is to promote transparent, accountable and participatory governance, as well as a people-centered perspective in the preparation and implementation of budgets.

CBGA's research on public policies and budgets focuses on the priorities underlying budgets, the quality of government interventions in the social sector, the responsiveness of budgets to disadvantaged sections of population, and structural issues in India's fiscal federalism.  Research on these issues provides the foundation for CBGA's advocacy and capacity building activities.

CBGA advocates for a pro-poor and pro-marginalized perspective in budgetary policies. It aims to demystify the discourse on budgets and governance and facilitate public understanding of these issues. The institution encourages citizens’ participation in the discourse and in processes relating to budgets and governance. It also enhances the capacity of social action groups to address budgets in their efforts to increase governance accountability.

Research Areas: 
responsiveness of budgets to disadvantaged sections of population
public spending on social sectors
policies and budgets for agriculture
enhancing public understanding of taxation
responsiveness of India’s budgetary policies to the challenges of climate change
transparency in government budgets in India
structural issues relating to India’s fiscal federalism