Fundación ARU (ARU)

La Paz, Bolivia
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Environment & Natural Resources
Social Policy
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Werner Hernani-Limarino
Executive Director
We know that the path from quality research to evidence-based policies is a long one. However, we hope ARU’s work conducting and promoting a “flow” of relevant and quality local research will increase the “stock” of evidence, and, ultimately, the likelihood of effective policies in our country – those that provide opportunities for people to build better lives and foster healthy, vibrant, and cohesive societies.

Fundación ARU is a non-profit organization that aims to promote scientific research on topics relevant to Bolivia’s economy. The foundation focuses primarily on macroeconomic analysis, but it also works on other areas such as social protection, decentralization, and education.

Fundación ARU’s strategy is based on raising the standards of research quality in Bolivia and promoting the development of evidence-based policies. It undertakes rigorous data collection and analysis, provides continuous training to its young researchers and conducts unbiased and evidence-based assessments of its work to enable it to learn from both its successes and failures. It communicates and disseminates it research in the form of consulting reports, papers and formal publications.

The organization is known for producing quality data, such as through the Bolivian Survey and Microdata Network (RBME). Initiatives such as the Applied Research Workshop and participation in the Network of Inequality and Poverty have helped it create spaces for discussion that contribute to higher quality research in the country. Fundación ARU has also promoted the production of high quality local research through its annual research contests on significant topics in Bolivia.

In order to promote collaboration between institutions, FA has established several cooperation agreements with public and private institutions. It also establishes contacts with individuals and institutions to form useful networks and positive relationships with key actors in government, civil society and the donor community. It provides training, produces reports and participates in forums and workshops with these organizations and also provides internships, courses and practical experience in data collection for students of several Bolivian universities.  

Research Areas: 
poverty and inequality
policy-making process
evidence role in policy-making process
economic growth
access to energy sources and poverty