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Research Quality

The heart of a think tank's work is its research. That makes research quality critical not only to a think tank's success, but also to its very identity and reputation. It must therefore be robust, forward-looking, and transformative research. 

Finding the right balance

Many argue that a think tank can only stay true to its own vision by setting a long-term research agenda. But commissioned studies can contribute much-needed funding and exposure. Lykke Andersen talks about finding the right balance below:

Policy Community Survey

What kind of information do national policy actors need, and how do they access it? How do they perceive the quality, value, and availability of research findings produced by think tanks in general, and specifically those funded by TTI? This survey, undertaken in 2009-10 and again in 2013 in all countries where TTI is engaged, provides some preliminary answers. The PCS reports can be seen in the Results section, under "Publications from the Program". 

Can think tanks and universities achieve more together?

Think tanks and universities both play key roles in producing research to address policy challenges. How can they collaborate and complement each other for better effect? A study by Partnership for African Social & Governance Research (PASGR) is seeking some answers. Stay tuned for this report.