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Policy Engagement

All the think tanks TTI supports aspire to have a positive impact on the lives of people in their countries. Policy engagement – that is, participating effectively in the policy-making process – is critical to achieving that impact.  

See how the think tanks are engaging policymakers and a wide array of stakeholders to increase their influence for positive change.

What does it mean to have policy influence?

Grupo FARO of Ecuador looked at 12 stories of policy research institutions from all of TTI’s regions to redefine what policy influence means and broaden the view of the work think tanks carry out. Read Influencing as a Learning Process.

Watch Andrea Ordoñez discuss the methodology and findings of the study.

Impact Graphics 

A study commissioned by the Hewlett Foundation documents the influence of TTI-funded think tanks on important policy decisions in their countries. Below are some of their findings. Other Impact Graphics stories can be found in the Results section.

Making Microfinance Work in Bolivia

With one in five people living below the poverty line, Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. See how Fundación ARU is helping government loans to small producers be more effective - ARU - Making mircofinance work in Bolivia